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About Us

Hi-Line Intl. specializes in Distribution and Supplying of Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical items , Equipments, Replacement Parts as well as Machinery and Supplies for Chemical, Refineries ,Oil and Gas, Auto and Trucking Industries, Defense Equipment Parts and Industrial Machinery.
With over TEN years of expertise and experience in this work, we are able to provide competitive, efficient, reliable and trustworthy service to our customers.
We has very good connections with manufactures & suppliers and can give good rates to our clients.
We are the sole agent of MK Batteries-USA, Amazon Filters , NewsonGale products.
We have established strong links with all types of equipment manufacturers and companies around the world, dealing in Oil & Petrochemical.
We have a talented set of staff members who are cross-trained in different departments.
To make sure we deliver the right product to you on time, we are willing to meet you in person locally.
We make sure we give you the right answers and take down your order by phone, fax or e-mail. We also keep you updated on the status of your order. We are aware of your needs and try to supply parts and related equipment in a timely manner.
We have trained personnel who are able to install parts and original machinery equipment, cables, pipes and valves. Our technicians are constantly updated on new machinery entering the market. With this valuable skill they are able to visit your site and install machinery and parts in the least amount of time possible to help your business lose minimal production time.
We are providing 24/7 service support for our end users.

Our Services:

  • Technical support on all of our products.
  • Source Quality Materials and Products at lowest prices
  • A fully staffed customer service team to assist in the entire job.
  • We are always client-oriented.
  • We invariably comply with project budget and schedules.
  • We are always fully transparent.
  • We continually exceed client expectations.
  • We deliver premium quality Services.
  • We act with the perfectionist spirit.

Mission: Our aim is to supply top grade, quality machinery, parts, pipes and cable equipment for all types of industry relating to Oil, Natural gas, Automotive and Safety equipment pertaining to these industries. We take pride in and deliver only the best customer service for each of our clients.







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